Saab-V6-93-IFlashV6-GM-IFlashSaab93-v6saab93-turbo-x-Stg 5 turbo X dyno 415bhp 532 ft lbsStg 5 Auto 392bhp 450 ft lbs auto 392bhpStg 3 turbo X dyno 335bhp 470 ft lbsStg 1 dyno 320bhp 423ft lbs FWDStg 3+ custom dyno 350bhp 450 ft lbs FWD

V6 I-Flash ECU Tuning for Saab and GMC models


Product Description

Saab V6 2.8 Aero, Saab 95NG, Saab TurboX and Cadillac CTS

I-Flash is now available, this allows you to program the ECU through the OBD2 diagnostic port. You can keep your oem file and have multiple tuned files, check and clear DTC codes and change the wheel size and speed limiter to whatever you want!
Stage 1 320bhp and 409ft-lbs

Stage 3 Full Exhaust, 335bhp and 439ft-lbs

Stage3+Add IC and custom tune, 357BHP and 456ft-lbs

Stage 4 Full Exhaust, 19T Turbo Upgrade, stock injectors, 375bhp and 483ft-lbs

Stage 5 Full Exhaust, 19T Turbo Upgrade, larger injectors 415bhp and 532ft-lbs

Injectors Gasoline Bosch 550cc injectors for V6 gasoline, 399 for the set of 6 flow matched

Injectors Flex Fuel Bosch 650cc injectors for E-85 or gasoline, 459 for the set of 6 flow matched injectors
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Step by step instructions on how to tune your GMC vehicle with the I-Flash. Click on the link below to download the PDF instruction sheet.
1 I Flash Setup Instructions
2 I Flash ECU Read Instructions
3 I Flash ECU Write Instructions
4 I Flash Vmax Instructions