Stg 1 aggressive 265bhp and 280 ft-lbsMild Stg 1 210WHP 247bhpStg 3 E85 vs Stg 3 gasolineStg 3 E85 305bhpStg 5 Auto dyno 312bhp 370 fStg 5 Linear- Auto 303BhpLinear Saab 175 T8 Stg 1 226bhp and 270 ft-lbs of torque.Saab-93NG-2003-2009Saab T8 car

I-Flash for Saab T8 models


Product Description

Saab 93 2.0, 2003-2011 models

I-Flash is now available, this allows you to program the ECU through the OBD2 diagnostic port. You can keep your oem file and have multiple tuned files, check and clear DTC codes and change the wheel size and speed limiter to whatever you want!

T8 – 210 BHP Models (Big T)
New Version 2 SW with 15% drive-train losses used by my competitors shows new numbers for STG 1 and 2. Lower torque levels available for stg 1 to help the stock clutch last longer. With PPC, you can get the mild stg1 and the new aggressive stg 1 and 2 that may cause your stock clutch to slip after a while. Auto Transmission Tunes are held back to 285 ft-lbs of torque.

Stage 1 ECU only 265 bhp and 280 ft-lbs of torque
Stage 2 cat back exhaust 271 bhp and 280 ft-lbs
Stage 3 full exhaust, i/c recommended. 281 bhp and 317 ft-lbs –
Stage 3 E-85 -60lb injectors, Sea-level Power: 327bhp and 391ft-lbs of torque
Stage 3 E-85 -60lb injectors, Denver Power: 305bhp and 351Ft-lbs
Stage 3+ Gasoline Tune Requires ETS Intercooler, Siemans Deka 60# injectors, Spec Stg 2+ Clutch, Full 3″ Exhaust and ECU Tune makes 289BHP and 405NM of Torque

Saab T8 – 175 BHP Models (Small T)
Stage 1 ECU only 211 bhp and 245 ft-lbs
Stage 2 cat back exhaust 225 bhp and 255 ft-lbs
Stage 3 full exhaust, aero fuel injectors, aero air box 250 bhp and 280 ft-lbs

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